Ivy Lets - Executive Serviced Apartments throughout Scotland

Ivylets is a portfolio of individual properties selected for their great locations and high quality finishes. Our properties are run and managed by local pre selected agents and tradesman for efficient and easy access. With the help of the internet, our web site;


1. Provides you with the ability to move in quickly

2. Manages your property with the help of local suppliers

3.On line property information



Quality and Reliability

As most of our administration is handled on the internet, we have more time to spend on keeping our apartments in good condition. Our apartments are handed over with a high standard of quality and are fully compliant, giving you the best in comfort and quality.


All our customers not only enjoy high quality accommodation, but full on line support with their own account information. This allows the tenant to manage issues themselves, so they can sort out any problems quickly and easily by being able to deal directly with our carefully selected team of handypersons.


Our Customer

Full information about your individual property with access to suppliers and one line accounts

1. On line payment

2. On line Landlord and tenant communication

Contact us : 0131 510 0040